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Parental involvement is always encouraged. NVA parents become very involved in the learning process by attending parent orientation and parent/teacher conferences with the teachers to monitor their student’s progress. NVA collaborates with several community partners to ensure that any resource a parent or student may need to successfully meet their academic goals is available to them.

Improving Academic Performance – What Parents Can Do

Academic preparation requires training, and teachers and parents are the coaches. This is how you can coach your student for academic success.

Set high expectations – Make sure your student knows it is important to you that they give school their best effort!

Talk about school every day – Ask about school every day. Talk to your student about what he/she is learning, academic goals, and progress.

Be aware of test-taking schedules – Make sure that you and your student know when tutoring or AIMS testing prep classes are available for test preparation.

Stay in contact with the teacher – Attend parent orientation and parent/teacher conferences. If you are not able to meet with the teacher in person, make arrangements for a phone call. Parent/teacher conferences will give you specific information about how your student is doing in his/her coursework, making classroom appointments, behavior, and upcoming school events. This is also an important part of holding your student accountable for progress towards their academic goals.

Encourage your child to READ, READ, READ – No single activity is linked to academic success as much as reading. Students should read at home every day. It is a good idea to find reading material that relates to your students' interests.


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NVA has awarded high school diplomas to hundreds of students and has been a stepping stone of success for many more. Students who have graduated from NVA were each looking for a unique place where social struggles do not impede their ability to reach their goals.

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