"New Visions Academy gave me the opportunity to succeed at a turning point in my life. Thanks to the teacher's dedication and understanding of my needs I discovered a new found love for learning. I now have a bright future ahead of me."

Alyssa Madrigal
Class of 2005
Currently Pre-Med at The City College of New York

"I would not have made it through high school if it were not for New Visions Academy."

Sabrina Thompson
Class of 2001
Yavapai College Graduate 2011

"I enjoyed working with all the teachers because they were helpful and kept me motivated."

Lacie Lane
Class of 2009

"New Visions Academy has been the sole reason for me graduating high school. High school was a very difficult time for me; I felt unsure of what to do with my life or even if I was going to college. My senior year, I went to New Visions and when I arrived I was unsure where to fit in, but a teacher told me that high school is about finding you, not finding someone to copy. The teachers really seemed to care about us and it inspired me to take the time to look at what I liked in my life and see if there was something for me."

"At the end of high school, I decided to become a teacher. The teachers at New Visions showed me what I would need to do, helped me sign up for college classes, and told me what I need to be ready for my life. Without them “lighting the way”, I still would not know what I would do with my life."

Andrew Alcorn
Class of 2013
Currently Teaching Beginning and Advanced Guitar at NVA




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