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New Visions Academy is a district consisting of two charter schools serving grades 9-12 in the communities of Cottonwood and St. Johns.  Both schools are invitingly small and located in pleasant settings near a wide range of local services.  Although small in size, they are great in the scope of opportunity that they offer students.  Many parents and students choose New Visions because it offers a quality academic program in a comfortable environment delivered by caring and supportive teachers.

Cottonwood is the original site of New Visions founded in 1997 with the St. Johns site joining the charter in 2000.  Like all charter schools in Arizona, the majority of funding comes from the state and is the reason that no tuition or fees are charged for attending.  Students are welcome to enroll at any time throughout the school year and all students are given the chance to succeed.

As alternative schools, New Visions is able to combine the best of traditional classroom instruction with computer-based curriculum allowing students to benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of their highly qualified and dedicated teachers while also having access to the widely-used and highly regarded computer courses provided by A+/K12.  This powerful combination allows students to recover missing credits and accelerate their progress toward graduation.

The entire staff of New Visions believes in the transformative power of education and all are aware of the profoundly positive impact that they have on the lives of the students who are fortunate enough to find their way to our schools.


Staff Bios

Ann Shaw, District Director
Len Bustos, Math & Science Instructor
Theresa Coomer, Social Studies Instructor
Mark Janousek, English Instructor
Stephen Renard, Math & Science Instructor

125 S. 6th Street
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
(928) 634-7320

Leisa Crosby, Site Director
Keith Drain, English and Social Studies Inst.
Joey Grant, Math & Science Instructor

790 W. Cleveland, Suite A
St. Johns, AZ 85936
(928) 337-3268


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